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Language courses in Prague

The International O'key Language School always supports and promotes the interest of its students language studies. We always have special offers to our loyal clients. Bonuses and discounts are prepared both for those who have been studying at the O'key School for a long time and for new polyglots, and even for their friends and relatives. Find out more about special offers of the International O'key Language School.

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Hebrew language courses in Prague

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 Hebrew courses in PragueShalom!

The history of Hebrew involves the periods of decline and revival. In 19th century, the Hebrew literature becomes part of the European culture. Revived Hebrew of the early 20th century, presumed dead for 18 centuries, becomes the language of everyday communication, the official language of Israel. This was made possible through the efforts of some enthusiasts, the most famous of whom was Eliezer Ben-Yehuda.

Israel - the birthplace of three religions, the biblical "Promised Land", home to many peoples and civilizations, the territory of Israel even today attracts millions of tourists for its historical monuments and extraordinary mix of cultures. It is also promoted by the unique natural conditions of the Dead Sea, dozens of modern seaside resorts on the coasts of the Mediterranean and Red seas, and the colorful landscapes of the Negev desert and harsh Judean Hills.

Tel Aviv, Tzfat, Jerusalem, Tiberias and Bethlehem, bustling Eilat on the Red Sea … The list can be endless. You can visit these unforgettable destinations and enjoy it even more with the knowledge of Hebrew, able to speak the language of this unique country.

Learning Hebrew
is useful and interesting at the same time. It is possible to learn the basics of the language just within 2 months of non-intensive lessons. This will help you

  • to feel free in the country while traveling,
  • to communicate in the restaurants,
  • to haggle at the markets when buying souvenirs, etc.

The International O'key Language School welcomes you at Hebrew courses in Prague!

Standard courses  |  Additional programs  |  Indiviual courses  |  Online courses  |  Courses for children


1. Standard courses

 Hebrew courses for adults

Hebrew courses for adults are designed to develop all of the major language skills: speaking, listening, writing and reading. At the same time you will be thoroughly learning grammar and enlarging your vocabulary. When we form the groups we always take into consideration the initial language level of the students. We offer Hebrew courses at:

  • Beginner level
  • Elementary level
  • Pre-intermediate level

You can join the group that has already begun studying if your language is at a suitable level. That will give you the possibility to save your time as well as the money.

The intensity of the course: - 90 minute classes, 2 times per week.

The courses are based on the communicative approach, which equally develops all key language skills with a special focus on speaking fluency. The number of students in each group ranges from 4-8 people.

Starting dates and costs are listed in the schedule.


2. Additional programs

In addition to the standard courses, the school also offers an extra language program of Hebrew.

The course for travelers. Are you going to Israel, but do not know the language of this country? The special course Hebrew for travelers is exactly what you need! We will teach you to meet people, order food in a restaurant, ask for directions in a city and use the language in everyday situations. Feel comfortable in this wonderful country as a visitor and avoid comlicated situations connected with the linguistic problems! The course is designed for students of beginner and elementary levels.

More information about the course for travelers can be found in the schedule.


3. Indiviual courses

 Individual Hebrew course - the program for the individual training sessions is at all times prepared in accordance with your goals. You can study one to one with the teacher or paired with another student. Intensity of the lessons may vary. Classes are held both daily and weekly.

More information about the individual courses.

Indiviual courses of Hebrew

4. Online courses

Online courses of Hebrew. These courses are created for those who want to learn the language or to improve their skills, but do not have enough time, do not have an opportunity to come to the school office due to a lot of work or other reasons or simply have not got a chance to communicate with native speakers. For successful studies you need to have a computer with an Internet connection, Skype, a microphone and headphones. Classes can be taken individually or in pairs.

5. Courses for children

The International O'key Language School offers  Hebrew courses for children. Lessons for children are held in the form of a game. This makes the lessons interesting and engaging as well as effective for the students. During the lessons the children memorize new vocabulary, develop their memory, learn to understand spoken Hebrew and develop their innate linguistic abilities. Children can already start classes at the age of 3-4 years old.

More information about the timetable and cost of courses for children.

What else do you need to know about Hebrew?

  • Hebrew is written from right to left which explains its unusual look for most Europeans and Americans.
  • The Hebrew alphabet is known as the Hebrew square script. This means that each character represents a specific sound opposed to non-alphabetic systems in which each character represents a concept or a combination of sounds.
  • In the Hebrew alphabet of 22 letters, all letters correspond to the consonant sounds. In Hebrew there are no letters originally corresponding to any vowel, but several letters are no longer used to indicate consonants, and are also used to indicate vowels. 


Useful phrases:

English Hebrew Transcription
Hello!  שלום Shalom
Goodbye  להיתראות Lehitraot
Thank you very much תודה רבה Toda raba
Sorry סליכה Sliha
How are you? ?מה נשמה ma nishma?
Please בבקשה bevakasha
I don't understand  אני לא מבין/ה Ani lyo mevin/a
What is your name?  איך קוריס לך/ה Ajch korim lach?
My name is...  קוריס לי korim li
Yes כן 
No  לא Ljo

להיתראות! Lehitraot!


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