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Language courses in Prague

The International O'key Language School always supports and promotes the interest of its students language studies. We always have special offers to our loyal clients. Bonuses and discounts are prepared both for those who have been studying at the O'key School for a long time and for new polyglots, and even for their friends and relatives. Find out more about special offers of the International O'key Language School.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

O'key School wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Arabic language courses in Prague

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 Arabic language coursesIf you do business with Arab countries, buy property in the UAE, want to go on an exotic journey to the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Algeria, Jordan, Morocco, Somalia, or simply long to impress your friends with the ability to speak an exotic language - learn Arabic.

The language of the Quran is unique in its beauty of ancient poetry; it is used by about 1.5 billion people worldwide. There are a lot of reasons to learn it.

International  O'key Language School  is opening up new Arabic classes:  

  • basic,
  • elementary
  • and intermediate level!

Depending on your current level of Arabic, you can join classes that have already started.

You can join the following courses:

  • International standard, longer-term, medium term or intensive courses of Arabic
  • for adults, teens and children from three years old
  • groups, individual and corporate courses.

For more information about types of courses, their duration and cost – see our Schedule

Useful phrases: 

English Arabic
Hi! مرحبا!
My name is... اسمي...
How are you? كيف حالك؟
Excellent! ممتاز!
Bon Appetit! شهية طيبة!
Thank you! شكرا لك!
Please من فضلك!
What time is it now? متى؟
Good luck! حظا سعيدا!
Bye!   وداعا!



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