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Language courses in Prague

The International O'key Language School always supports and promotes the interest of its students language studies. We always have special offers to our loyal clients. Bonuses and discounts are prepared both for those who have been studying at the O'key School for a long time and for new polyglots, and even for their friends and relatives. Find out more about special offers of the International O'key Language School.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

O'key School wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Language Courses for Children

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AGE 3-5

Language Courses for children  International O'key Language School provides language lessons for children from the age of 3. This is an amazing trip into the language world, throughout which your child will learn a lot of new and interesting things with the help of their favourite cartoon and fairy tale characters. Lessons for children of this age are carried out in the form of a game. Children become familiar with phonetics, so that in future they will have no problems with pronunciation of even the most complicated sounds.

The first year of study is aimed at getting experience of foreign speech perception, as well as getting used to communication in a foreign language. During the lessons children learn to perceive unfamiliar speech through listening. While learning short poems and songs, they improve their memory, memorise new words, and develop inborn linguistic skills. Kids do not write at this age but do a lot of activities to develop their mechanics such as playing with objects, colouring and crafts.

We realise that it is not easy for a child at this age to sit still for a long time. As a result, we vary the activities during the lesson, from calmer to more energetic ones, and children explore the world of new language in an exciting way. We sing, move, dance, draw, paint, watch cartoons, and even stage small performances together.

Our lessons are open to parents, so you can see your child's progress for yourself.

AGE 5-6

The process of learning is based on a game format as well, but it is more complicated. We start to prepare children for school, so they are given homework. Usually these are tasks based on activities done in class, such as simple crossword puzzles, and colouring and comparing pictures. We are sure that your child will not object when faced with such fun and interesting homework!

The process of learning is based on specific capabilities according to age (e.g. different ways of perceiving new information).

*These are the major lexical topics covered during this stage:

  • language lessons for children from the age of 3getting to know people;
  • food;
  • pets and wild animals;
  • toys;
  • seasons and the weather;
  • health;
  • holidays;
  • home life;
  • shopping and clothes;
  • family;
  • parts of the body.

The more learners know and the older they get, the more versatile their studying process becomes. From the age of 6, children start learning writing and grammar: they learn how to read and write letters and sounds, and study basic grammar patterns e.g. simple tenses, etc. At the same time, children hone the language skills they have acquired previously.

AGE 7-10

The course depends on previous experience of language learning, if any. Studying is based on the Communicative Approach. Children learn the basics of grammar and enrich their vocabulary.

 Language Courses for children  *The major lexical topics are:

  • getting to know people;
  • animals;
  • family and friends;
  • seasons and the weather;
  • clothes;
  • school subjects;
  • countries and nationalities.

Students continue deepening their knowledge of grammar.

We know that every young learner is unique. Experienced teachers of O’key School will help to realise the potential of your child and make learning a foreign language a fascinating pastime.

*The content of the course may change depending on the language and specific nature of the course.

For more information about types of courses, their duration and cost – see our Schedule.


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